Fundamentals of Judicial Security in Islam and jus singulare

A scientific conference was held at simulated conference hall of Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University by research committee of the faculty of law in application the operational plan and to strengthen the sub-committees of the university. Following the university goals as promoting scientific specialism and completing the mission of scientific development in society, the conference started with the […]

Final exam of Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University

Autumn or final exams of 1401 educational year started on Saturday 10th December 2022, in the meeting hall of Khatam al-Nabiyin University with recitation of some verses from Holy Quran by Qari Bashir Ahmad Asaf, one of the students of the university. The session was followed by the speeches of the honorable dean of the […]

Co-thinking meeting of Ghazni Ulema meeting at khatam-ul-Nabiyin university

This meeting was held by invitation of the university on Wednesday, 7th December 2022, in Aburaihan meeting hall. The Dean of the University, Mr. Habibi, the voice Chancellor, lecturers and officials of the university, official authorities of recommending virtuous and forbidding immorality department of Ghazni, some official bodies of 2nd area, Ghazni security and municipality […]

Students’ Scientific seminar on diabetes at Khatam-ul-Nabiin University

  On Monday, 28th November 2022, a scientific-student seminar was held at Aburaihan meeting hall of Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University, by research committee in cooperation with the Commission of Students’ Capacity Promotion of Medical Faculty of the university, on Diabetes. This scientific-student seminar, which started with participation of voice chancellor, head of Medical Faculty, lecturers and students, […]

Commemoration of International Students’ Day at Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University

Seventh report: some measures to celebrating students’ day To honor students’ day, for their special position and dignity as the foundation of development, especially social development and the main human sources, Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University had prepared various and numerous programs; Khatam news bulletin, student’s day special issue containing different and appropriate content from the lecturers and […]

Commemoration of International Students’ Day at Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University

Sixth report: honoring Footsal Team Members Sports play an important role in increasing the health factor, creating vitality and expanding the spirit of team work and mutual understanding in the society. Therefore, the cultural department of Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University, has not only held numerous student footsal and volleyball tournaments, but also formed the Khatam-ul-Nabiyin footsal team […]

Commemoration of International Students’ Day at Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University

Fifth report: honoring class representatives Serving the students as the most admirable class of the society, and faculties as the most serving scientific institution of the society, is a precious and honorable opportunity, which, in addition to satisfaction of students and heads of faculties, will also lead to the satisfaction of Allah the Almighty. There […]

Commemoration of International Students’ Day at Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University

Fourth report: honoring the best disciplinary and good manner students Discipline and morality are the fundamental concepts in Islamic intellectual system and lifestyle, and it guarantees personal and social happiness and success in various fields of life. In numerous Islamic cases and sources, these concepts have been addressed and have been given full attention to […]

Commemoration of International Students’ Day at Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University

Third report: students’ speech Students’ speech was another important part of the International Student Day commemoration program in the meeting hall of Khatam-ul-Nabiyin University. In this part of the program, Mrs. Shokrieh Akbari, a student of economics, defined the students in a beautiful literary-descriptive article, discussed and investigated their responsibility towards the family and the […]