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دانشگاه خاتم النبیین

امور پژوهشی و فرهنگی

♦ درباره آمریت پژوهش

♦ درباره آمریت فرهنگی

♦ مأموریت و چشم انداز

♦ لوایح، مقررات و فرم‌ها

♦ نشست های علمی

♦ کارگاه های علمی – فرهنگی

♦ آثار علمی اساتید و دانشجویان

♦ نشرات علمی-فرهنگی

♦ دستاوردها

♦ تازه های نشر

♦ مدیریت کتابخانه


امور محصلان

♦ درباره معاونت امور محصلان

♦ مأموریت و چشم انداز

♦ لوایح و مقررات

♦ مدیریت امتحانات

♦ مدیریت محصلان

 مدیریت فارغان

♦ سیستم سیب


شفاخانه نور خاتم

♦ درباره شفاخانه خاتم

♦ مأموریت و چشم انداز

♦ لوایح و مقررات

♦ پرسنل کاری

♦ داکتران متخصص



دانشکده طب معالجوی

Therapeutic medical Science is the Science of improving and maintaining Health Condition, Cure Diseases and rehabilitate the injured. We can obtain the mentioned purpose by recognizing the diseases, diagnosing them and preventing them occur again. Medical contains a wide spread of different subjects and majorities. The Objective of Medical, today, is to sue knowledge based technologies and deductive reasoning to Solve Clinical Problems.

دانشکده حقوق و علوم سیاسی

To meet the long-term goals of the university, Faculty of Law and Political Science as one of the most active and creative educational unit of the University, was established in 2012 along with other departments of the University and yet has continued its educational and research activities.

دانشکده اقتصاد و مدیریت

The Faculty of Economics of the university is planned with the focus on scientific empowerment and strengthening skills that enable the students to be able to continue their education at higher levels and be able to get their place in labor market. The subjects of microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, trade, accounting and marketing are taught and discussed in this majority. As well topics as statistics, practical economic software, research methods and other necessary skills are also among the syllabus of the Faculty.


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